How To Sell Bitcoin in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Cityscape

Bitcoin has been on a crazy ride this year. It might make sense to take some profit off the table at some point. Alternatively, maybe you have rent to pay, mouths to feed or would like some spending money in your pocket. Whatever your reasons; our partner site can exchange bitcoin for dollars.

The fastest and easiest way is to schedule a meeting in Phnom Penh to convert bitcoin into dollars in person. Meet us with bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet, walk out with dollars in your pocket.

Find our current exchange rate and trade limits here:
Sell your bitcoins with cash, receive US Dollar (USD) in Phnom Penh

NEW: Altcoins accepted

Symbols of different altcoins
Whether you are bitcoin hodler, a shitcoin trader, getting paid in Monero or earned a bunch of STEEM; crypto users in Cambodia do not have to go any longer through the cumbersome process of turning alt coins in BTC before getting USD. We take care of that for you., is now cashing out most (major) cryptos for dollars. Just get in touch for the current exchange rate and information about different pay-out options.

We can trade through LocalBitcoins, this is advisable if you are new to bitcoin or prefer maximum security.

If you are an experienced user or prefer a quick exchange, we can also trade directly. Get in touch to get started.

Sell Bitcoin in Cambodia, fast and easy at

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