Buy Bitcoin in Cambodia. Fast, easy and secureThe easiest way to acquire some Bitcoin in Cambodia is on No waiting time, ID verficication or complicated set-ups required. Have a look at our LocalBitcoins profile-page for a complete overview of our current offers.

If you are a more experienced user or want to move serious amounts of Bitcoin; here is a list of the biggest USD/BTC exchanges that we feel are safe enough to use. They all require some form of ID identification. Deposits and withdrawals in USD go through international bank transfers. That is always expensive but might be a bit cheaper if you have a bank account outside of Cambodia. Don’t leave your funds on an exchange any longer than strictly necessary. No exchange is 100% secure.

Coinbase is probably the easiest way to acquire Bitcoin. Connect your bank account. Start buying and selling Bitcoin. Use promocode "MekongMonkey" and get $10 free if you buy over $100 in Bitcoin. Also offers an excellent online wallet and online Bitcoin vault.
Bitstamp is simply the most trusted and largest Bitcoin exchange in the world. A safe place to trade wether you're a beginner or a professional trader.
/ One of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. OKCoin is based in Hong Kong. Offers top financial services for professional Bitcoin traders. Fast and reliable spot exchange, BTC and LTC future trading up to 20x leverage, margin trading and lending.